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Jonathan, USA, Engineer & Project Manager, International NGO – Nepal

Hi, My name is Jonathan, I’m originally from the United States. I’m living in Kathmandu, Nepal as an Expat. I’ve been working in International development now for over 15 years in some of the most challenging places.
Earlier this year my daughter pointed out to me that my communication was very passive, and after looking into it I realized she was right. And I realized that my communication was coming out of an internal sense of inadequacy, and my research lead me to Beatrice’s SkillsFlight training. After working on Assertive communication and understanding what my personal values, needs and rights are, I learned how to speak from a point of strength- grounded in these values needs and rights. Now when I find myself in a situation where I really need to speak effectively with someone I deliberately use these techniques and I‘m finding results. I found working with Beatrice to be very impactful. She’s easy to talk to, non-judgemental, and she’s really good at pointing out where you might make some adjustments. Already my daughter has noticed an improvement in my communication, it’s more honest, direct, and passive slight is missing. It’s also making a difference in my professional life and that makes me feel great. So, thanks Beatrice for helping me out here.