What people say

Habiba Ben Zakour, Tunisia, Expat Spouse

“Hi. My name is Habiba and I'm Tunisian. I’ve been living in Italy for two years. I'm an expat wife. My husband is working with the United Nations. Through all these expatriations I've lost many things: my career and even myself- my self confidence and who I am.

Then my path crossed Beatrice's. Through the coaching sessions she has been helping me a lot, because I was completely lost. I didn't know who I was and I was always looking for my value in other people’s eyes and pleasing them. During all these sessions she gave me tools and I learned many things. Now I have the skills to rebuild myself, to regain my self confidence, to know who I am, to have ambitions and to dream for a better future! Even my friends are amazed by how I am now. Even if my going through many issues, they say that I'm a powerful woman!
I would like to thank her so much for what she has done and is still doing for me. Thank you so much Beatrice for your precious help!”