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Expat Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the Crew I ask that you please direct your attention to the monitors below as we review the courses on offer.

The Expat Skills Training Program has been created to provide you with all the necessary tools for effectively adapting to your new environment.
It is a Premium one-on-one Expat Training.

The complete training journey includes three separate Travel Routes covering the three critical areas of cross-cultural adjustment.

You may choose to embark on one, two or all three routes to reach Expat Skills Mastery!

Take a moment to locate the Travel Routes of most interest to you.

Route of Relationship

12 week program

1 - Communicational skills
2 - Interpersonal skills
3 - Intercultural skills


Results of this training

In this Route you will master communicational, interpersonal and intercultural skills which will immediately improve your personal and professional relations abroad and in International contexts.

You will strengthen your emotional, social and cultural intelligence-acquiring a persuasive personality which will quickly draw success to you.


Route of the Self

12 week program

4 - Personal identity
5 - Mind-Body balance
6 - Self management


Results of this training

In this Route you will become aware of and strengthen your values, principles and identity and how they impact your happiness abroad.

You will exude a powerful self-confidence and magnetic presence, feeling firmly on top of your life experience.

Your private power will contribute in a special way to your daily enjoyment of life – especially as an expat exploring new possibilities.

Route of Perception

12 week program

7 - Observational skills
8 -Cultural Adaptability skills
9 - Belief management skills


Results of this training

In this Route you will bust your limiting beliefs around culture, relationships, and yourself - and install new and empowering ones that will jolt you like lightning into a new place of energy and vitality.
The skills of observation will give you the edge when it comes to gaining more security in interpersonal and intercultural relationships. You’ll finally feel at home and in your own power.




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Expat passengers, this is the Pre-Boarding announcement for SKILLSFLIGHT passengers - departing from Previous Life Circumstance and travelling to New Life Destination.
We are now inviting those passengers who are Expats in diplomacy, in the military, in IGOs, in multinationals, small businesses and in freelancing -and any passengers requiring special assistance- to begin boarding at this time.

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