Begin your Journey

Ladies and Gentlemen, Captain speaking. I hope you are feeling comfortable, enjoying your flight and gaining more and more clarity on our unique programs and how much they are in alignment with you. 

Among our services on this flight you can enjoy online Expat Life Coaching sessions.

A quick note on what Expat life coaching is - and how it can be of benefit to you.

As an Expat you may be dealing with:

-        loneliness

-        family issues

-        settling into a new city

-        integrating into a new culture

-        love/relationship concerns

-        heart-break or grief

-        career concerns

-        making new friends

-        feeling a lack of confidence

-        loss of identity and purpose


Life coaching helps you deal with those issues fully. It is a process that supports you in creating the positive changes you want in all areas of your life. As your Coach I will help you get unstuck and move your plans forward to successful manifestation.


Specifically you may wish to: 

-        manifest love /career desires

-        overcome heart-ache

-        achieve a more balanced life

-        lower your stress levels

-        increase your self-esteem

-        improve your communication

-        increase energy levels

-        adjusting into your new environment

-        change your mindset

-        establish a social life

-        transition to a new career

-        find your life purpose

-        grow through increased self-awareness.


We will explore your needs, values and beliefs, build on what’s already working, explore new options and take continuous inspired action. You will finally feel eager and in charge of your life experience. It will indeed be an exciting journey!

I now invite those passengers onboard this flight who are expatriates and spouses in diplomacy, in the military, in IGOs, multinationals, small businesses and in freelancing who are already leading or are planning on leading an International life- to begin boarding at this time.

Thank you for choosing Expat Airlines.